Friday, November 7, 2008

My ANA history

ok. I'm really going to do this thing and do it the right way. I was so amazing at it last year; I lost over 30 pounds, so what the hell happened?!

Here is my story:
Junior year. I've always been pretty critical of myself, but in January of last year we went on our Junior Class Ski Trip and all i had to eat that entire week was basically bananas, yogurt, and hot chocolate. That was also the last time I got my period for 9 months. So the minimal eating, coupled with the skiing all day caused me to lose probably a pound or two, and I though "Wow, that was too easy... I could just stop eating as much and look what will happen!"

I got a gym membership for Christmas, so after my basketball season ended, I started going to the gym every day and I cut back on my eating, making healthier choices and just in general eating less. Honest to God, this started out as just me trying to be healthier... I never knew what it would turn into. I kept losing weight... I kept getting compliments. It was AMAZING. Then it kept escalating. The only thing I would really ingest was icees
(banana and coke mixed) and if I had dinner, I would throw it up after dinner, or at least some of it. Eating during the day? haha yeah right.

Then my guidance counselor at school pulled me out of class one day and was like, "Do you not see what you're doing to yourself?" and she had called my parents already. UGH. So I had to go to the doctor, who said that if my BMI was .2 lower, they would have had to hospitalize me. What the hell.

I didn't care though, so I kept right at it. This was about April. By this time, I was down from about 137 to 110-112 or so. Probably. So I had to start going to a therapist, who I enjoy but in all honesty, it isn't doing anything for me.

Over the summer, I went to my church camp, Camp Weed. I didn't eat almost all week. When I came out of there, I weighed 101. I couldn't have been more proud. Then my parents and I toured colleges all over North and South Carolina... and I didnt stop eating. It was terrible. I went back up to about 112. When I came back, my swim coach said, "You really need to increase your caloric intake..." and I remember thinking, like hell i will.

Then came Latin Nationals... no more eating taht week :) and I lost a bunch of that weight from SC. AAnnnnnnnnnnd then I came back and have been eating pretty much non stop since then.
I'm now at 122 or so. So from now on, I'm done.

Any support would be awesome... and I'm going to start posting what I eat for the day, as often as I can. I can't promise that this is going to be a daily updated thing... I hope it is, but I will try my best.

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hey.hana said...

That was the most interesing and engaging blog post I've read in a while ((albeit, no one's beeing posting lately, but still))

props :]